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Rythem & Good News/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The rythem of life is a song with ebbs and flows,
It makes our hearts sing and our feet have a mind of their own,
The rythem is sometimes a symphony of trials and tribulations,
This song and it’s dance make us feel a little impatient,
Sometimes a drum beat of accomplishment will make us feel a little wild,
The triumphant “BOOM” makes our souls so proud,
The consistency of a tapping tambourine,
pushes us forward in ways unseen,
If you have attended a lively church service then you know what I mean,
There are many instruments that make our personal life song,
Some louder than others are the background of our right and our wrong,
There were songs to rejoice in the miracles of Christ,
There were songs even when He made the ultimate sacrifice,
The music of God creating this vast universe,
Was a gentle melody and peaceful without being rehearsed,
The enemy has used music to divide and to hurt,
Certain types of lyrics making many of us feel less than dirt,
There is a crescendo that’s coming soon to a soul near and inside you,
It will start out as a slow whispered melody that rings very true,
Making us rip off the layers of iniquity to start making our way through,
The many pieces of the heavenly orchestra will make us look up with hope,
Making us realize that we no longer have to grin and bear it to cope,
Our bodies will then have a mind of their own,
Slowly kneeling and worshiping our God who sits on the throne,
As He looks at each of us with His all knowing eye,
We can no longer hide our joy in our cry,
The rythem of that day will not include the blues,
Instead it will be it’s own melody of God’s promises and Good news.

Remember God loves you always.


Terryn Horton-Morton

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